Get Ready. (megamialchemist) wrote in megami_dump,
Get Ready.

No title yet... Chapt 2

Title: None (suggestions would be nice^^)
Author: megamialchemist
Fandom & Pairing: fma, no real pairing except for ed/al brotherly love (no elricst)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Angst and umm confusion i guess


Chapt. 1

It has to be real...

Ed stormed out of his room and stop in his tracks... "This is..."

"Brother! Wait!" Al quickly followed his brother..

"the house... in Rizenbool.. it's still here....."

"Ed.. you're scaring me..."

"we didn't burn it down.." the elder brother walked around the house, closely examining every detail in every room. Memories of the day when they tried to bring their mom back pours into Ed's mind. Mom.... 

Before everything went black, the only word he heard was, "Brother!!.........."
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