Get Ready. (megamialchemist) wrote in megami_dump,
Get Ready.

No title yet... Chapt 1

Title: None (suggestions would be nice^^)
Author: megamialchemist
Fandom & Pairing: fma, no real pairing except for ed/al brotherly love (no elricst)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Angst and umm confusion i guess


Brinnggg Brrringggg
Brinnggg Brrringggg

"Brother! Ed! Did you fall off your bed again?!" the words came from a young boy running into the room.

"Huh? Al?" Ed was rubbing his half closed eyes on the floor.

"Of course it's me brother!" Al helped his brother up from the floor and onto the bed.

Ed studied his younger brother. As he remembered, the last time he saw his brother, Al was still stuck in his armor. But now, the handsome boy was in full flesh. Ed looked at his own skin, his right arm and it was there! His left leg, and it was there as well! There were no auto mail serving as his own limbs.

"Al.. did we use the Philosopher's Stone?"

"What are you talking about Ed? As far as we know, that stone doesn't exist! Sure we've read about it in our research when we were thinking about bring mom back, but the stone's all a legend!"

"A legend? But don't you remember Roy, Riza, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, Dante? What about everyone we met on our journey?"

"What journey Ed?"

"Our journey to find the stone, to bring ourselves back to normal!"

"Brother, I think you fell too hard this time..."

"But, mom, we tried to bring her bac..."

"We never went on any journeys, we never tried to bring mom back."

Was all of that just a dream?

"But your soul was stuck in an armor, and my limbs were made out of auto mail! Winry was my mechanic!"

"Ed, I think we should get your head check out.. Winry and Old Pinako aren't in the auto mail business anymore.."

But it all seem so real...

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